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A Week in Cornwall

Casting our minds back to August 2020 with this vlog. It was the first trip Rory and I had made since the lockdown (and we very quickly made 2 more: to Isle of Wight and Italy, some of which you can see in my Looking Back on 2020 video, and more of which will be shown in their own vlogs, coming soon...) and we were pretty unfortunate with the weather (which up until that exact week had been unbearably hot, meaning a trip to the coast would have been extra nice!). But, we did luck out with some of the views we got! My favourite day will probably be pretty obvious in the vlog (spoiler alert: it involved Alpacas), but almost every day had a beautiful new view to admire so I'm very grateful. Also thank you to Kev and Fee for being our Cornwall partners.

I also had some extra footage that I didn't feel fit in with the rest of the vlog, so I'm introducing the Outtakes - unlisted YouTube videos where I'll be showing some extra little bits from my videos. Despite the thumbnail photo of my favourite majestic cow, this video is actually about a really intense game of Jenga (but I really love this photo so it had to go somewhere). Enjoy!


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