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An anniversary to remember...



This is a very special Akua & interview — I have been granted an audience with the eminent Rory Brady, aka my new Fiancé.


Rory thank you for your time.

Thank you for having me on the blog, big fan and long-time reader.

It's always nice to meet your fans. So, as you know I am extremely embarrassed by public displays of affection and this entire post is just one big one, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet: Aside from the very first second you laid eyes on me, in practical terms, when did you decide you were going to propose?


I think the first time I fully thought the proposal through and knew I wanted to start planning and look for a ring was in January this year when we went to Wotton House. The morning we got up really early to head out and fly the drone around and explore the grounds, and we were standing up on top of the hill talking about plans for the year and ahead, I knew I wanted to propose this year on our anniversary. I don't think girlfriend quite cuts it anymore after everything we've done and been through together, wife feels much better and I had been thinking about it for a while vaguely but that was definitely the first concrete time when I thought "Ok, time to find a ring."

Start the year as you mean to go on and all that!



We share literally every little thing that goes on in our lives together like two old gossipy ladies, so how hard was it keeping this a secret from me and did you almost slip up and mention something about the ring or proposal?


Really hard not to tell you because we talk about everything, and I know you'd love the planning and organising aspect of it, but I knew I wasn't going to slip up with something this important and the surprise element was important to me. Obviously I assumed you might guess or have some idea as I am so pure and honest, but I tried to be as blasé as I could about the subject and throw you off the scent where I could, so as to keep some of the shock value. I think it worked to a point!


There are times when being a photographer is a burden (carrying heavy gear, never wanting to miss a moment on camera etc), but then there are times when you get to be your own engagement photographer and it makes it all worth it! 

This is the last photo I took before I got engaged, so it now holds a special place in my heart.

Were I not the person who knows you SO well, I would never have guessed you had anything up your sleeve. Your acting was very good, especially the very casual way you wrestled planning this years’ anniversary away from me, even though it was my turn to plan it.

I mean, I wouldn't call that a wrestle, you seemed glad to be rid of it!


Look, I thought it was suspicious you wanted to do it so I let it go easily.




I was 98% sure that you were going to propose - though I admit there were a few times that I wavered, especially on the day itself since the weather was so bad –and I was hungover, which I fully blame you for by the way, who gets champagne in the room the night before a proposal? *laughs* – I thought you’d do it another time, and I was actually really shocked and overwhelmed when you did do it. So, question is: did you at any point that day think about waiting? Or were you like I’m doing it on our anniversary come rain, nor shine, nor a family of tourists constantly walking back and forth next to us and getting in the drone shot?

Not a chance. 8 year anniversary, everything was organised around that day, the place was amazing (free plug for The Fish Hotel), and the timing was just right after the manic year of travelling. Also, I was stressed as hell trying to get everything aligned for the day there was NO WAY I was going to try and redo it all for another time. Anniversary day had to be it, raging hangover or bad weather aside. The family of tourists was the closest to breaking me, I hope you're happy small screaming boy.

In fairness to the boy, they did walk back and forth across that hill so many times, you were almost screaming!


Portraits we took of each other right after the proposal. I love the sheer joy on our faces.

And lastly, not a question, I’d just like to let you know that you’re the best and I can’t wait to marry you :)

Best point of the interview, as my last point I would just like to note that I will be changing my job title on my emails to "Happiest Man Alive" for the foreseeable. Thank you again for having me on, please send my agent an advanced copy of the interview prior to release. Love you.

We'd like to thank our friends and family who have already congratulated us, and I would personally like to thank my mum, Nese, Darren, Georgia and Jamie who all knew about it but were very good liars ;)




As I was putting the camera away Rory genuinely collapsed on the ground saying "I did it!" and it was too cute to not take a photo.

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