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Isle of Wight

In August and September Rory and I went a bit travel mad (after being locked up at home for 6 months who can blame us?), so this was the trip we took after Cornwall, and before Italy. As with Cornwall, we didn't get the best weather (both of them being in England we can't really be surprised), so on the third day we tried to find a mostly indoor activity and ended up at one of the best zoos any of us had ever been too. If you ever find yourself on the Isle of Wight I can highly recommend taking a trip to Amazon World Zoo. I personally finds zoos quite sad - I can't help but feel as though the animals should be in the wild, or at least at large open spaced sanctuaries. However, I think Amazon World does a nice job of giving the animals space, and the environments (particularly the indoor ones) look very well thought out. We had a great time, and will definitely visit again next time we find ourselves on the Isle.

If you've watched the video you'll see that we played mini golf (alas, I lost every round - if golf was played in teams no one would want me on theirs...) and took some nice walks along the beach. We also played board games every night and had some nice lunches and takeaway dinners from local restaurants. However, I didn't include these in the vlog because I was ~*living in the moment*~ but Rory and I loved our first time on the IOW and can't wait to go back, particularly once places are open as usual. Thank you to Nese and Ed for letting us stay with you and for being our holiday buddies, I would insert the golfing and love heart emojis here if I could.


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